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A CURA company, aims to address the clinical needs of the Ultrasound market. CURA’s range of mid segment and high endcutting edge Doppler solutions with advanced applications and innovative features offer better clinical examinations at affordable life cycle cost.

Fetal Heart Monitoring
CURA offers advanced fetal heart monitoring system for monitoring fetus and pregnant patients. Our fetal monitoring products include integrated wireless transducer monitoring system and portable fetal monitoring systems.

CURA offers advanced mammography solutions for the early detection of breast cancers. With options to process images with desired variations of brightness and contrast, it also facilitates real-time image acquisition. Our mammography products takes full advantage of the digital technology, from screen image display to networking, filming, archiving etc., and provides outcomes at a reasonable price.

illumina 360°
illumina 360° employs an advanced robot and an ultra-sensitive infrared camera to provide 360° view of the breast. Its intelligent software tools further help in mapping the surface temperature of the breast through hot spots and cold spots with up to 97% accuracy in screening tissue changes as well as distinguishing surrounding normal cells.

Bone Mineral Densitometer (BMD)
The noninvasive and painless Bone Mineral Densitometry helps to estimate the bone mineral content in different parts of the patient’s body using x-rays. BMD is the accurate method available for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and is also considered as an accurate estimator of fracture riskwithout any side effects.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
CURA’s advanced ECG monitoring systems ensure superior workflow and high productivity. We strive to offer quality cardiac care and enhanced patient experience at a reasonable cost.

Critical Care Devices
CURA’s critical care division delivers high quality products to safeguard and develop your critical care necessities. Our critical care division continuously monitors vital signs and provide support to the needs of seriously ill patients in Intensive Care Units.