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  • Imaging Solutions

    CURA’s reliable Imaging Solutions offer smart solutions that supports your clinical examinations. They offer enhanced viewing experience together with clinical accuracy and confident diagnosis. Move ahead with the revolutionary new technology DR imaging systems with reduced radiation dose that has earned the trust of healthcare professionals.

  • Imaging Accessories

    CURA’s reliable Imaging Accessories offer smart solutions that supports your clinical examinations.

  • Ultrasound

    CURA acquired DE Healthcare with an aim to fulfill the Ultrasound and Color Doppler needs of the Ultrasound market. CURA’s range of high and mid end cutting edge Doppler solutions with advanced applications and innovative features offer better clinical examinations at affordable life cycle cost.

  • Women's Health

    We help every clinician to come up with better clinical decision. CURA’s advanced Women's Health solutions helps for early detection of female critical conditions.

  • Cardiology

    CURA’s Cardiology product series are intended to monitor and fight against the increasing cardiovascular situations. We realize how important a heart is and hence, we deliver the best Cardiology solutions to keep it safe.

  • Critical Care & OT

    CURA’s Critical Care division delivers high quality products to safeguard and develop your critical care necessities. Our Critical Care division continuously monitors vital signs and provides support to the needs of seriously ill patients in Intensive Care Units.

  • Nephrology

    CURA’s Nephrology division aims on delivering quality care to patients suffering from kidney disease. Our Nephrology products are of safe usage, more accurate, comfortable, high functionality and user friendliness.