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With the aim to empower and support healthcare providers in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, we bring you Unigamma M, the Best-in-Class osteoporosis detection equipment. Unigamma M is the all-purpose DEXA bone mineral densitometer. The small fan beam technology and the scalable architecture allow an optimal compromise between productivity and image quality, regardless of the patient load. Only the Unigamma family of DEXA systems combines the best of both worlds: multiple pencil beams and fan beam geometry. The Body Composition software allows whole body scan and analysis of bone, lean tissue and fat percentage in the patient. This application of the dexa methods is especially useful for dieticians, in sports medicine of for the study of rare diseases. Automatic daily and real-time Quality Control are implemented in the software, ensuring the maximum reliability of the results by reducing the possibility of human errors. Quality control recordings can be consulted at anytime, as well as the statistical distribution of the results, which can be compared to expect normality trend. The BMD machine, Unigamma, supports clinician in varied indications including family history of osteoporosis, fracture from minimal trauma, Hypothyrodism etc.

Unigamma M Salient Features:

  • Principle - Body Composition Analysis:
  • Patient Dose - typ. 3 uSv for an AP spine scan
  • Generator - HF, 86 keV at 0.4 mA (nominal)
  • Linearity range - 0 - 1500 mg/sqcm
  • Bone edges - Automatic detection
  • DEXA - small fan beam
  • Dimensions - 2400*1300*1700 mm (l*w*h)
  • Scan area - Max. 200 x 65 sqcm
  • Weight - 250 kg
  • Analysis - AP Spine (also scoliotic), Hip, Forearm, Wholebody, Prosthesis exclusion automatic (femur), Lateral spine (option), Hand (option), Pediatric wholebody, Soft tissue analysis (Bodycomposition), Pediatric spine and scoliotic (option), Reference values, T-score and Z-score, Automatic quality conrtrol, Statistical analyis on database results