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ASPI Salient Features:

  • Option for delivery / aspiration of fluids / air.
  • Allows user to set the fluid volume and time independently.
  • Program allows continuous pump rotation or interval based rotation based on volume to be aspirated and time. Program calculates ON/OFF time.
  • Pump rotation speed is constantly monitored to ensure flow rates are uniform.
  • Fluid detection status and auto shut off facility.
  • Battery backup (optional) for bedside or in case of power failure.
  • Adjustable flow rate Range – 50ml/hr* to 12000ml/hr* (dependent on the tubing internal diameter) based on uniform rotation speed.
  • Sterile way to transfer highly body infectious/contaminated fluids by a valve-less non contact mechanism.
  • Tubing that transfers the bodily fluids can be quickly replaced, thereby creating a sterile device again for other patients or for different applications.
  • High durability and ease of sterilization (very easy to clean the inside surfaces of the pump) make this extremely useful. Lower running costs and easy maintenance make this an affordable device.
  • Time saved per patient: Minimum of 15 – 30 min/ l of fluid being aspirated. Both the ultrasound unit and doctors time are significantly saved.
  • Clinical benefits of effective drainage, very minimal or no air pocket in the drained area ensures faster patient recovery and better clinical outcome.
  • Time saved during Enteroclysis/Enema in terms of delivery of contrast and also improvement in quality of study due to steady rate of contrast flow.
  • Precise monitoring and delivery of fluid.
  • Reduced complications when compared to manual mode of delivery of fluids.