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CURA Healthcare is the only Indian company which has installed 3 Tesla superconducting MRI which speaks of its service capabilities. With close to 65 MRIs installed across India, CURA enjoys customer’s patronage for pre-owned MRI equipments. CURA pioneers in end to end MRI project execution and service support during product life cycle. The highly equipped professionals help in site selection to magnet selection to application and service support thus providing 360 degree support.

With over 50 experts who go extra mile to ensure that all equipments are backed by unbeatable services and support.

While the products performance is maintained as per original equipment manufacturer specifications, we strive hard to ensure that the service exceeds the expectations. The best-in-class after sales service support include warranty, specification and performance matching original equipment.

We adhere to COCIR framework.

The CoE, Seal of Trust has invested heavily in PCB testing and servicing.

Our objective is to extend the designated life of the system, thus serving more people.

Adhering to a stringent policy of equipment selection, we bring time tested products through reputed sources. We assure 100% reliability on equipment and maintain product and service standards as per original equipment manufacturer specifications. Apart from this, we offer an adequate inventory of spares and ensure 24*7 support to all our customers.

We clean everything professionally for any kind of infectious disease as well as for the old hospital data on the system. While system software is upgraded to its latest version, in order to improve the reliability of the system, all required field modifications are also done. We remove all dust & rust completely.

We adapt layers of process to improve the eventual system performance. Well-experienced and qualified professionals are involved in de-installation, rigging & packing, though the process is expensive, the idea behind is to bring quality equipment in safe condition.

All functions and specifications are thoroughly checked by professionals before despatched. Our professional team work along with the customer in planning and commisioning of the equipment in time.

On installation, complete familiarity of equipment to the customer will be made by our Application specialist. Thus, through a systematic process, we ensure safety and effectiveness of the medical equipment without significantly changing the performance of equipment or system.